Apr 13, 2009

Monday Poem

It's a very blustery day here in my little corner of the world and after a leisurely weekend and egg hunts and family dinner on Sunday, I figured that I would start out the week with a poem. Usually Mondays are so hectic around here, it's a nice change to welcome the week on a slightly slower pace but refreshed and ready to go.

The Witch

Taking in the wind
The breeze blows
Upon her face
As she sits there
Eyes closed
Yet seeing the beauty of the world
Not the starlit sky
Or the flowing hills
She sees more
Than can be seen with just the eyes
The happiness of a flower
Who has just bloomed
The last wish of a fish
Just caught by a bear
All of nature’s hopes, dreams, and despairs
She stands up
Smelling the breeze
Picks up her wand
And falls to her knees
She sits for a minute
Lost in herself
Calmly she stands
Without further ado
She begins an enchanting dance
An energy flows out of her
Pulsing in the air
Lighting up the world
As the wind blows through her hair
Suddenly she stops
And opens her eyes
With one tear and one eye
One drop of water for the world
Falls to the ground
She walks away
Knowing someday
She will change our world.

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