Apr 27, 2009

Four Of Pentacles Revisited...

It became evident to me this afternoon, that I had learned another interpretation of the little fox holding on very tightly to his Four of Pentacles, so I decided to blog about it as it is very fitting and needs to be gotten off my chest and done with for good.

Several years ago, I lived through a very devastating and traumatic emotional incident that changed my life and affected my very soul...After the numbness from the shock wore off I had always thought of myself as a survivor and counted my blessings to have made it out with my sanity still somewhat intact.

I swore from then on I had learned some very hard life lessons... and that was that... but never really approached the fact that scars remained and issues that still simmered below the subconcious surface would someday have to be dealt with....This afternoon they bubbled to the surface... and in one shining moment the Four of Pentacles became glaringly obvious.....

Things that can be held onto with an iron grasp can also include past unresolved conflicts and emotional injuries, whether real or imagined, and are quite tangible as the little fox's pentacles are to him. This may or may not come as a suprise to many of you but I really had never considered this to apply to this type of situation... I started to question myself...Why was I hanging on to this sadness...what did I possibly hope to gain by keeping it for all these years?

So, when you look back upon events in your past, what are you clinging to unnecessarily...outmoded ideas or ways of being that can be let go to the universe in order for them to be healed? Those hurts to your heart that really have no place in your life and simply take up room that can be used in more positive ways?

Today I choose to let go of my sorrow that took up residence in my soul for far too long and I resolve from this day foward, by releasing the old, I will make room for the new more uplifting experiences in my life.

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