Apr 14, 2009

The Goddess Caillech

Caillech is the Scottish, Irish, Welsh Goddess of weather, earth, sky, seasons, moon and sun the Celtic hag-goddess of the land and weather on the British Isles. In Old Irish called "the veiled one" now modern in Gaelic means hag. Also called the "Old Woman of the Spells" She is a winter and storm spirit said to denote the year's weather by her actions on the 1st of February.

If it is a nice day and she comes out into the sun it brings bad luck for the year. In Scotland she is a blue-faced hag of winter, a spirit who holds the beautiful young goddess Bride captive inside of a mountain over the winter. At Bride's release on the 1st of February spring comes. She appears to men as a hideous old woman (winter) seeking love if she gets it she becomes a beautiful young woman (spring).

Celtic myth has her gatekeeper dog named Dormarth "Death's Door". Irish bards who could curse with satire were often called cainte "dog".

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