Apr 4, 2009

Pink Jasmine

Since our living room has been newly painted, I decided I'd brighten it up by putting a few new plants under my plant light. Among my violets and pots of herbs and an ailing pothos plant, I just knew I could make room for it simply because the scent is absolutely intoxicating (and it was on sale for $9.99 at Fred Meyer.)

Anyhow, since jasmine is not a hardy outside candidate due to our winter freezes it will have to be strictly an indoor plant but that's okay with me because I will have the chance of trying to grow a new variety of plant. I'm usually very gifted with the ability to grow anything (except the cactus..... of any variety) it was a great fit with my other semi-tropical loving greenery.

This morning as I walked out of my bedroom, I was met with the most delicious scent...pleasantly sweet but not overwhelming...I sat down to enjoy my first cup of coffee feeling as if I had stepped right into the tropics! It's so relaxing to sit and wake up to such a calming, soothing environment.

I also have another addition to my plant table...I recently received five little Bird of Paradise seeds straight from Hawaii, that I promptly notched and soaked (for 24 hours) then planted in loose loamy/sandy soil so I'm really anxious to see their progress. They grow very slowly and take between two to five years to flower but when they do it is a very striking vision indeed!
I just love my friends, they always seem to know which plants I secretly wish for....and that the way to my heart is a flower with all it's roots attached.

"The lattice of thy casement twines
With jasmine vines, with jasmine vines;
The stars, like jasmine blossoms, lie
About the glimmering sky.
No jasmine tress
Can so caress
Like thy white arms' soft loveliness."

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Hibiscus Moon said...

That sounds like such fun. I wish I had a green thumb...sadly, no.