Apr 18, 2009

Two Of Cups

The Two of Cups speak of emotional connections... these may be the deep connections made with our significant others... friends... family or co-workers. Connections compliment one another as if both halves are coming together to form a perfect union. This coming together is a new beginning and one filled with promise, hope and trust. There is a prickling at the back of our neck at this beginning and vibrancy a new relationship can bring us.

There is a focus upon the sparkly energy of high emotion as we connect more deeply and learn new communication skills.There is also a sense of vulnerability here – as if we have to remove a mask in order to tap into that promising union the Two of Cups represent. All bets are off, we must be at our most exposed in order to reap the fullest benefit of this new connection with another or ourselves.

The Two of Cups also reminds us of our need to work together in any venture for we get ahead much easier as a team. Like I tell my children...no one can cross the street unless they hold hands and I've found that to be very true. Maybe this card implies that a communication issue is at hand or we should focus on voicing our concerns or ideas in a caring, honest manner instead of just blurting it out without regard to the others feelings.

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