Apr 26, 2009

Serenity Sunday

Food has magical properties – both in its nutritional value, but more importantly in how it makes us feel when we eat it. Living in a magical household means paying attention to the every day activities in our lives. When we go into the kitchen and prepare food it turns into an act of love for ourselves and our families – and it is magic.

We turn ordinary ingredients into fabulous meals using wooden spoons and spatulas as our wands. We perform simple alchemy to change base materials into “gold”. All good cooks know they are magicians in the kitchen, but for Pagans this daily work is as important as casting spells in the sacred circle.

A simple blessing I use before meals:

Blessings upon this food...

Blessings upon this family...

Blessings upon all who need...

May no one hunger.

My List:

1.) My children

2.) Good friends

3.) Beautiful colors at sunset

4.) Yorkshire pudding

5.) My t.v. remote

6.) A hot bath

7.) The smell of lavander

8.) Small pots of herbs growing on my porch

9.) Loreena McKennit

10.) Rainbow trout

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