Apr 29, 2009

Songs For Beltane

Merry, Merry Month of May

(To the tune of "I Was Strolling through the Park One Day")
words by Tina Galfo

Let us sing a joyful song today,
In this merry, merry month of May.
Let us dance the circle round,
And give out a joyful sound,
As we welcome spring the good old Pagan way.

The flowers bloom,
The birdies sing.
Around us is the beauty
Spring can bring.

Let us show our gratitude today,
For this merry, merry month of May.
For our Gracious Goddess grants,
All this beauty that enchants,
So lets us feast, and dance, and sing, and gaily play.


(To the tune of "Simple Gifts")
words by Tina Galfo

Tis the time now of Springtime,
And Our Lady fair.
When the birds sing gaily
Flying through the air.
And the sweetly scented flowers
In their garments bright,
Color hills and meadows,
What a lovely sight.
Then dance and sing a joyful song,
While all around us new life sings along.
There's peace, love, and joy everywhere,
Let it in your heart, to abide there.

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