Apr 7, 2009

Just Another Pet Peeve

I usually don't have much trouble with people giving me a bad time about my spiritual beliefs but I have this neighbor who seems to delight in scoffing at what I have experienced to be real. Usually I just let it roll of my back and pay no attention to folks like this but this one seems to have crawled under my skin, I'm not really sure as to why.... it's not like I even care what he disagrees with.

I sat on my porch this afternoon and pondered this question in the glorious afternoon sun and tried to brainstorm to myself as to why this bothers me so much. My first few answers such as "Maybe it threatens him." and "This just goes to prove that ignorance is not bliss...." or "Could he possibly be giving me a bad time to get my attention?" didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense so I found myself continuing to mull this over while cooking dinner and cleaning up the dishes afterward. Then the thought occurred to me that I was giving this entirely too much thought and that was probably just what his intention was. I really think that it bothers me because somehow I feel threatened...like my beliefs can be taken from me, which I know is utterly ridiculous. Then the question that really needed to be answered was "Why would I feel that way in the first place?!"

Not too many years ago, I was wandering aimlessly, looking for something to believe in and had nearly reached the point that it was all just hogwash, smoke and mirrors like this neighbor has...then one day wicca found me...I can't really explain how that works but for the first time in my life I realized that this new concept made absolute perfect sense...it felt so right, like it had always been there...waiting for me to notice. I realize that no one can take my spirituality but I also know that to me it is worth more than any treasure of silver or gold or precious jewels and I feel protective of it. There are many out there that put the few of us in a very bad light whether it be out of ignorance or fad and it makes me angry. Please don't lump me in with those that wear it like a charade...something to use to draw attention to themselves, be true to yourself and the god and goddess...the universal spirit. It goes far beyond a spirituality...it is a way of life...a reverence for nature and creation...respect for all that is natural around you.

I hold my beliefs dear to me and somehow writing this blog just seems to reaffirm the path I have chosen to be the correct one for me. I resolve to not let those who like to dismiss me bother me...I will continue on believing and ask the universe that perhaps someday this neighbor might know the peace and wholeness that I have been blessed with.

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