May 2, 2009

A Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day we had yesterday, the children and I all made flower baskets and flower wreaths to give out to neighbors and family, we sang a few songs and ate a very nice meal outside in the evening. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, it was a little bit windy towards evening but we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

I noticed some gorgeous mini rose plants in the local Safeway store...on sale for Mother's Day...and of course I couldn't pass up grabbing a few. Okay, I grabbed exactly for my roommate, one for her mom, one for an elderly neighbor and...look, one left over for myself...what a bonus! I planted the two roses in a nice green pot on the porch so we can all enjoy them...they even have a heavenly fragrance! (That's almost unheard of in miniature florist style roses!)

I'm a bit worn out from all the fresh air and activity so I'm going to cut it a bit short, as I write my blogs around ten o'clock the evening before, so I hope that everyone enjoyed their Beltane or May Day...which ever suits you best. Enjoy your Saturday, and blessed be to you all!

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clairedulalune said...

Your roses are beautiful! Happy Beltane to you!