May 7, 2009

Flower Moon

This Friday is the full cycle of the moon and is often referred to as the Flower, Planting or Hare Moon. Energies around this moon are ones of health, romance, love and wisdom.

We need to be encouraged to begin to take action on the things we’ve recently been planning whether it be one of the heart, meditation or taking care of one's self.

This full moon is a time when we begin to really notice more light in our lives.... the days are longer... the grass is green (and must be cut more often) and the flowers are starting to bloom. This is a time of playful , light and buoyant energy. Some ways to really celebrate this moon and the energy it brings, is do a fun thing like host a pot-luck with a spring theme or visit your local elementary school and volunteer during art class. If you are looking for something more “magickal”try lighting a green candle and meditate on being thankful for the feeling of renewal and rejuvenation you can feel at this time.

Gems to enhance this moon’s energy include ones like Malachite, Jade, Emerald, Peridot or any other green-hued stones. These gems help enhance the energy of the heart chakra, which governs our compassion, generosity, love and harmony. When I need a boost in any of these areas, I simply slip a green stone into my pocket ( I like a small piece of Jade) or I wear a necklace of green-gemmed jewelry.

Whatever you feel that moves you this Friday full moon, enjoy and rejoice at the energy of mother earth and the goddess!

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