May 12, 2009

Tarot Tuesday-

I've gotten a few emails about the tarot card posts I do on occasion, so I thought I would draw one tarot card each week and call it "Tarot Tuesday" as a regular feature in my blog like I did with "Serenity Sunday" I hope this is entertaining and the goddess knows I could use the practice with my cards. I have several tarot and oracle decks so I think I will rotate them when the mood strikes, it goes.

The Wheel

(Tarot of the Magical Forest)

The Wheel is an interesting card... as we look at it, we can see a stone looking disk in the middle of the card... there are letters carved into it and around it can be seen a cat at the top; a small dragon looking creature on the right hand side; on the left hand side can be seen a serpent. In the top left corner is a little sheep with wings; in the top left of the card is an eagle; at the bottom right is a lion and the bottom left of the card has what appears to be a bull.

The Wheel of Fortune is all about luck and fate... in a reading, it tells you of a pivot point in your life, where new options become possible and they are distinctly personal and it may require making a first step on a new and unfamiliar path and can indicate a new beginning in the cycle of your life.

The Wheel speaks to the fact that things (life) tends to go in cycles... there are good times and there are bad times. When times are good we cannot become complacent because things can change. When times seem bad.... we cannot become too discouraged because when things seem their worst they can only go up from here! If you see this card, you shouldn't simply stand still and accept what life hands you. You need to take an active role to try and remain on the upside of the Wheel.... when things are down, try to work actively towards improving your situation.

All in all, the Wheel of Fortune can suggest not becoming discouraged when are faced by road blocks in our journey... sometimes struggle is a natural part of life and it should be expected to happen from time to time. So, instead of allowing difficult times to bog us down, we need to look for ways that we can face and conquer set backs to return to the top of that wheel.


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