May 20, 2009

Greatest Show On Earth

Yesterday afternoon, I got to marvel at the power of Mother Nature. It wasn't like last year when the clouds were so black it was almost night and a tornado hit a few miles down the road causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. I will never forget thinking of how I never wanted to see the sky looking like that again.... thank goodness here in the Pacific Northwest, those occurrences are rare indeed.

It was a gloomy, rainy day with partial clearing in between storms but in the afternoon the weather gave one last hurrah with a spectacular thunder and lightning show before blowing past. The clouds rolled in producing the best lightning I've seen in a long time and in the distance the rain looked like white streaked ribbons against breaks in the clouds that allowed brilliant rays of the sunshine to stream through.

As I sat in the parking lot at the children's school, I simply stared... the occasional Oooo and Ahh escaping my lips on the more elaborate flashes that tore across the sturbulent sky. I found myself thinking "Who needs to spend so much money on those fancy-dancy lazer light shows when you can catch Mother Nature's greatest show on Earth." All we have to do is slow down and notice.


Anonymous said...

That looks so great. I love thunder and lightning too ; )

clairedulalune said...

My favourite weather! Haven't seen one in ages!