May 14, 2009

Mother Earth's Finest Gifts

I have this stone from Ireland....right off the cliffs of Moher. It's my most prized stone in my collection because it is a small tangible piece of where my family and I came from.

To me it symbolizes a foundation, an origin as well roots and direction. My little piece of Ireland, that my good friend Peggy so bravely retrieved from the cliffs for me on her trip to Ireland, rests in an honored spot on my altar and I use it often as my pendulum.

Even as a child I collected small stones from mother earth at plowing time and I remember how truly great it felt to dig deeply in the soil and feel at one with nature. To see the seeds, planted in the spring, grow all during the summer and at harvest... get to enjoy their goodness at the dinner table. This is truly one of life's finest pleasures indeed.

My children now gather stones, some are quite pretty and some are more plain but I'm beginning to notice that I'm getting an abundance of old coffee cans, brimming with odds and ends of stones, building up behind my shed. I don't mind, not at fact as I look at the overflowing cans of stones I begin to smile to myself remembering doing that very same thing many years ago.


His_Precious said...

That's quite beautiful as is the box it lays on. I love the Celtic knotwork.

Anonymous said...

it's so much fun to collect stones and semi precious stones. I love it too ; )
Have a fantastic day !!

Laila and Minchie said...

Oh, Liz, I'd forgotten I'd gotten that for you and am very honored that you treasure it so.