May 8, 2009

Diary Of A Bookworm

I love books, as a child, my main goal for going to school was learning how to read...even as a kindergardner I knew that if I could learn to read that I could do anything. I was bitterly disappointed in second grade when I found out that I still needed to attend school for several more years but I never did lose my love of reading. I continued to read voraciously and even today I've been known to burn the midnight oil, curled up with a really good book.

Recently, while listening to Foxtayle's Pagan Podcast, she reviewed a book by Barbara Ardinger called "Pagan Every Day: Finding the Extraordinary in Our Ordinary Lives" in which she explains it as a short essay book of days jammed with facts about goddesses and saints, alongside an assortment of random pop culture references and personal musings.

Right away my interest was piqued and I immediately jumped to where I eagerly read for myself just what the hubbub was about. I perused the few pages that Amazon allows you to read in order to decide for myself if this book was truly what I might be interested in and of course it was better. Oooo, click on the "buy now" button, hurry...!

I'm now (im)patiently awaiting it's arrival any day and I hope the poor mail carrier doesn't start thinking I might be one of those weirdo stalker types when I anxiously stand by the mail boxes until she's done. (I'm really bad when it comes to waiting for tarot decks!) You would think they communicate that type of info..."Hey Bob, that one's just waiting for a package, no worries" Anyhow, I can't wait to get it and I'll post all about what I thought and maybe a few tidbits and words of wisdom I may learn.

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