May 5, 2009

The Greatest Little Fighter

Today I would like to introduce to you a distinguished little gentleman named Moki. I am completely in awe of his spirit and courage and I'm sure that it greater than anyone I know. Moki is a special little guy in a handsome striped suit who just happens to be a cat. He has special needs but they never seems to slow him down in the least... I only wish that we, in the human world, would have as much gumption and tenacity as he has shown despite his difficulties.

He walks rather stiffly and like some of us, he has his bad days but he has his good days too and this little man has surmounted odds that would have made the strongest of us give up long ago. He is in no pain, I must say that right away and sadly his Momma Bean gets her fair share of emails (out of ignorance mostly) that are less than compassionate towards Moki and his condition and my heart goes out to her. You can read about disabled pets on the webpage called "Moki's Friends" which speaks from the heart about those special furry friends we consider to be family and there is a link you can click on to read about Moki's story.... there is also a blog Momma Bean keeps updated about how Moki is doing on "Save Moki"

I have been following Moki and his story for a while now and wanted to introduce him to you because, bless his fuzzy little heart, has been a true inspiration to me. There was a raffle recently to raise funding for his care, as it is very expensive, and donations are always welcome. Moki's needs are ongoing and it is always appreciated when folks can assist in making Momma Bean's load a bit lighter.

I truly hope that you check out his website and follow along with all of us who read his blog updates... to cheer him on, send him positive vibrations or to just say hello. Moki is a true fighter and one of those rare little guys that just warm your heart and touch your soul.

Bright Blessings Moki,

from my furry bunch to you!

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