May 28, 2009

Thorougly Irritated Thursday

It was a very long and rather frustrating day yesterday, The manufactured home park owner has decided to trap cats even if they have collars, tags and/or microchips. Cats who get caught are taken immediately down to the local Humane Society and bail is promptly set at $65.00 a head.

So, even though I own my own home and even though the owner is well aware of the two witches and their cats with a webcam and have the cats listed on my contract (with descriptions, I might add)...they insist any cats seen outside anyone's house will be caught and removed.

I ask what the hell (if of course I even believed in such a place...which I don't) is going on in this world that there seems to be nothing better to do than round up cats simply because they're outside. I say "'s a CAT! Aren't they supposed to prowl...? I mean come on, it's they're JOB! " Won't we experience a rodent problem if there are no cats to catch them?! What about the majority of elderly living here that have a fixed income as their sole will they pay to get "fluffy" out of lock up?

I think the owner should focus on those whom have recently moved in and decided to park several of their partial, non running vehicles in front of all of the other houses around here because they ran out of room in their own driveway... And what about the methamphetamine addicts that have started to wander our blocks at three in the morning the last few weeks...? The Bull Mastiff that leaves pony sized piles of poo in the rose garden?... Did anyone notice the guy a few doors down drinking beer and smoking pot every weekend in his garage with under age kids...? There's just something a little off about the owner's logic around here...

*Steps down from the soapbox shaking her head and mumbling.....*


Tracy said...

i cant believe that! those cute little kittys dont need to be captured just to be able to roam free and happy.

Anonymous said...

This is too rediculous for words. You are so right. They will have to focus on some real problems and leave those cats alone !!!
Some people just don't "get" cats. I know a lot of those people too and they are not the nicest people most of the time ; )

Laila and Minchie said...

The moron probably gets a "cut" from each one brought in.



His_Precious said...

I am with you....this is just a way for them to make some cash. It's horrible!

Hibiscus Moon said...

Is there a problem with cat overpopulation? He should have no problem with kitties being outside if they're all fixed.