May 15, 2009

A Lost Goddess And My Plague

The last several weeks I have been so busy with appointments to keep, school activities for the children and daily housework that gets squeezed in between everything else, I managed to get myself so rundown and exhausted that I finally knew a trip to the family doctor was something I need to put at the top of the "to do" list. I found out that I have a sinus and respiratory infection on top of the asthma I've dealt with off and on since childhood.

I begrudgingly realized some down time was in order or I would not have a decent recovery by any means so I picked up my book "Practicing the Presence of the Goddess" by Barbara Ardinger and started reading....Wow...the very first pages are all about recovering the lost goddesses of transformation and the very first one that she speaks of is Serenissima...the Goddess of taking care of goodness the universe works in mysterious ways, I exclaimed to myself and kept reading... my addled brain drinking in every word.

She goes on to say that when we reach the point that our lives are so filled with obligations and loaded appointment calendars that our little heads are spinning, it's time to call upon this goddess and soak in her blessings of "me time." I am so at that point right now, I sighed and read on...there is the perfect little ritual that she describes to finally get that "me time" and recover from what I like to (not so affectionately) call "The plague"

I plan on starting on this ritual this very evening and look forward to Serenissima's gentle hands blessing me with that sense of peace and refreshing energy that I need, as I take those horrible "horse pill" antibiotics and various medications to aid in my recovery. The first part of this two part ritual is all about finding time for yourself, just one blessed day, to do the second part of it and therefore enjoy that time I have for myself.

I'll let you know in a future blog about how it goes...just thinking about it seems to have removed some of the pressure of daily life that we can so easily get caught up in. Well, on to do some more reading, Bright Blessings to you all and always set time apart just for me!

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