Jan 25, 2010

Bags And Boxes

There have been times in my life, not so many years ago, that I have been homeless. I found myself letting all my possessions go and simply taking the "essentials" with me and relying on friends until I could find a place to live. After these times in my chaotic past, I began to see what was really important in this world and what was just plain vanity and unnecessary. 

Things are just that...things and it's the people and the stuff that you can't put on a shelf or hold in your hand that really matter. I figured out that whatever possessions I had, they could always be replaced. I learned to be a minimalist and value the intangible things in my life and not to sweat the small stuff because it only complicates life. 

I ask, dear readers, if you found yourself facing homelessness and could only take a few bags or boxes with you...What would you put into those bags and boxes...? What's really important to you...? Would it be things of a physical nature or more spiritually minded...? How important is it to have the physical representations of your spirituality to put on a table or desktop...? Does it make you any less spiritual if you do not have these objects...? Can you feel connection to the divine from within...?


greekwitch said...

I totally agree. Although i have n't managed yet to stop worrying about money and bills, i am trying.

Jacqueline said...

It is very liberating to let things go, both physically and mentally...only people/animals and love are irreplaceable.

inannasstar said...

I had to pack my altar away for 3 months during my "Big Move" and found that what I thought was the focal point of my Spirituality was actually just a physical representation of what is inside me. I love my altar, but I did not stop being Spiritual due to it's absence. I actually became more Spiritual because of that realization!

D.Suplicki said...

The more frivolous things I would take with me, that I feel are essential to me, are a small journal and pens and my pendulum. I would write about my experiences and feelings, draw what I saw in the real world and in my head to keep me sane.

I always keep the pendulum in my pocket, not for divination really, but because the verigated red jasper lends me strength and gives me peace of mind. It helps me to ground and center when necessary and helps me to connect to the divine when I'm having trouble clearing my head and doing so.

Rue said...

I have realized through moving and unpacking, that I have lived without much of what I have for years, and it's so much 'stuff' and not necessary.

I have very little in the way of traditional "tools" that a Pagan would ideally own, but I do have a collection of crytals I'm really fond of and would save in a fire (after the cats!)

日月神教-向左使 said...