Jan 19, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

I've been doing my daily draw a bit different lately and thought that today, for Tarot Tuesday, I would show you an example. Instead of simply drawing one card, I've been drawing two and looking at the elemental dignities associated with the two cards instead of just the normal keyword reading style (and of course factoring in my intuition.) I'm going to speak a bit about the interpretations of each card and then sum up how they combine to make a complete reading.

King of Pentacles (Earth)~ normal keyword interpretation...A reliable man who is cautious and conservative. This man will put family first, most of the time. This man is usually a mature individual, well grounded and financially responsible, eg:one who is practical and very common sense in his approach to problems. I usually also look at his Shadow Qualities as well because normally I do not use reversed cards. 

Shadow Qualities of this King include: He can be a couch potato and consumed by inertia so that even conversation with him becomes an impossibility. He may also be workshy but materialistic, wanting everything for the minimal effort. When looking at all these keyword possibilities, my intuition will let me know whether the card in question should be interpreted with normal or shadow attributes.

Using Elemental Dignities: he is an Earth Element, Earth signifies stability,money, possessions, support. Grounded(ness) in material matters and concerns.

Queen of Swords (AIR)~ normal keyword interpretation...A strong willed woman who is independent and very intelligent. Traditionally this card has been seen to indicate a widow. She is quick witted and astute and always has a way of quickly seeing through any bologna or smoke and mirror tactics.
 The Shadow Qualities of this Queen are: She can turn cruel, malicious sometimes narrow-minded, bigoted or even deceitful. She is sometimes dangerous too because of her (sometimes her own vanity) charm and beauty. 

Because the Queen of Swords is an AIR element, she is about thoughts, ideas  problems, intellect and freedom of mind and soul.

Putting it all together to form a reading: If this client's question pertained to insight into a stormy relationship, I would first have to say that these two personalities were destined for petty squabbles, tremendously different viewpoints and fraught with power struggles. The King of Pentacles in this case would take on the shadow qualities in the fact that he tends to be materialistic and wanting things with little or no effort while the Queen of Swords' independent streak would chafe at the Kings somewhat dogged determination to have things his way. The Queen, who has a strong will would then feel the need to become cruel and cutting with her words. Not the type of relationship where each could feel secure in their positions (in relation to one another.)

 If you're wondering why I came to such an odd conclusion, I know these two personalities firsthand, and thus I chose to interpret these two cards this way. It is always to study a subject with a personal point of reference if you would like to truly "get" the meaning (in my opinion but of course my blog is called  "Lizzie's Logic" for a reason! Hee, hee.) 

In defense of the King of Pentacles and Queen of Swords, I must say that when on the same page they can indeed be a force to be reckoned with! 

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Rue said...

I too, rarely used reversed cards so this is an interesting way to incorporate the shadow meanings into the cards.

I always learn so much on Tarot Tuesday!