Jan 29, 2010

Tea Blessing Meditation

The purpose of this blessing and meditation is to pay homage to Deity and to reflect on the blessings in your life.

~ Tea, looseleaf or bags
~ Cup and Tea Pot
~ Incense
~ Green and White Candle

Place and arrange the pot of brewed tea and cup on the table. Light candles and incense, fill the cup with the brewed tea.


Gracious Goddess,
You who are the Queen of the Gods,
The Lamp of Night,
The Creator of all that is wild and free
Mother of woman and man;
Lover of the Horned God, and Protectress of all the Craft;
Descend, I Pray,
With Your Lunar ray of power,
Upon my rite here!

Blazing God,
You who are the King of the Gods,
Lord of the Sun,
Master of all that is wild and free;
Father of woman and man;
Lover of the Cresent Goddess, and protector of all the Craft;
Descend, I pray,
With Your Solar ray of power,
Upon my rite here!

Pour out a cup for all present, including one for Deity and enjoy. Sit before the table and meditate on the blessings that Deity has bestowed upon your life.


Sherry said...

oh I like that! Thank you for that tea blessing meditation

bright blessings,

Jacqueline said...

We all have so many things to be grateful for (big and little blessings)=it's nice to make time to feel thankful and I love tea=thanks for the post!

Jacqueline said...

Comment for My Own Worst Enemy: After enough therapy (it could take awhile, but hang in there), you will have an epiphany where you realize the voices in your head from your past can no longer have power over you because you are ready to listen to your own voice in the present, which is stronger and able to take control of your future thoughts and actions.

Rue said...

This is just beautiful. What better way to enjoy a cup of tea, than making an offering of it to deity.