Jan 27, 2010


Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium)), a member of the sunflower family, has been used for centuries in European folk medicine as a remedy for headaches, arthritis, and fevers. The term feverfew is adapted from the Latin word febrifugia or "fever reducer."Feverfew is also used to treat menstrual irregularities, labor difficulties, skin conditions, stomach aches, and asthma.

Feverfew is a perennial herb native to south-eastern Europe and Asia. Naturalized widely elsewhere. Found growing on rocky slopes, walls, waste places and a weed of gardens. Cultivation: A very easily grown plant, it succeeds in an ordinary garden soil, plants can even be grown in walls. Often grown in the flower garden, feverfew is usually self-sowing. The leaves have a refreshing aromatic aroma. Growing to 2 1/2 feet with  strongly aromatic leaves, light green about 4 inches long, and divided into broad, lobed segments.  Many daisy-like flower heads bloom June-August, with white ray flowers surrounding nearly flat yellow centers, growing to about 1 inch across. Gather entire plant in bloom, dry for later use.

Color: Yellow gold
Planet: Sun
Metal: Gold
Deities: Brighid, Helios, Ra
Gemstones: Quartz crystal, diamond, amber, carnelian
Associations: Agriculture, beauty, hope, victory, self-expression and creativity.

Use Feverfew  and these herbs in tea for:

Migraine- equal parts ginger, rosemary and a caffeinated tea. 

Sinus- 1-2 tsp red pepper flakes, 1 tsp honey, green tea.

Tension- handful mugwort (dried), honey to taste.


greekwitch said...

It looks like chamomile. I found a translatioon in greek so i can buy it and we call it little virgin herb.
I had some irregularities in my cycle so i will definitely try it.
Thank you!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the information=I've had migraine headaches over 35 years since I was a kid and I will check this out at the health food store...I enjoy your posts and find your new site very brave!

Rue said...

I too, suffer from migraines from time to time. I'm going to look for this to grow in my garden this year!

Fire Lyte said...

I've been wanting to grow this... Wonder where I can find a plant.