Jan 14, 2010

Can You Feel it?

If you have empathic psychic abilities, you owe it to yourself to explore them, and to expand on your natural talents. Even if you are never required to help out with major rescue operations, the peace of mind you’d gain from being in tune with all the people  and creatures in your daily life make these mental traits well worth the time and practice involved.

There are several factors and signs that a person may be highly empathic. Most empaths are very sensitive to others and their emotions. Often times empaths find themselves sharing the same emotions as those around them, and can have a hard time identifying the source of their emotions. People often seek out those who are empathic for advise or to vent, as empaths generally "get" the person they are talking to better than others. 

An empathic also lends a feeling of being connected with the person they are talking with, as they are in a way, searching them and their personality, and quite literally placing themselves in their position. Empaths are generally very understanding of others and their positions and often times will ask questions rather than make snap judgments or intuitively seem to "know' there is more to a story than what meets the eye.

Here are a few  fun ways you can  stretch your empathic muscle...

First think about your favorite color...The shade of it...If you like to wear this color... If you decorate with this color. Now go deeper, how does this color affect how you feel...Does it make you happy.. content... uplifted... calm.?.You can do this with sounds as well, like music... the sound of birds...This will help you focus on you, thus turning off any outside interference. We all need our “me” time. I like textures, some just feel good like stones and tree bark...natural things.

Next,we all have warning signals. Most of us the signals first start in our solar plexus. We need to get in touch with ourselves. Know our signals and from there we can tune into ourselves when needed.

Try this small exercise -

Try if your standing close and talking with someone. If feelings start to rise or you become bogged down as if your energy sinks….excuse yourself. Walk a few feet away. If the feeling seems to not be so strong, then you know where it was actually coming from... It wasn’t you.  In some research, it is said that out of 100 people only 95 of them are empath. .


Anonymous said...

I really like this post. I see a few characteristics of myself in there, however I dont believe I am a empath. I feel im more like... hm,i have no word for it right now. I just am able to pick up on the little things etc. and then go from there. I do find i am a great judge of character, even on first meetings. So who knows...?

Stella Seaspirit said...

It is an insightful post, I've always had empathic abilities and thought that everyone else was the same... then I kinda found out the other people were weird.. they didn't use their abilities- heh?!

Rue said...

I used to just think there was something wrong with me when I was younger. I even asked an adult one, "why do I feel all this?" but no one had any answers. I've spent so much time trying to control it or shield myself, that it never occurred to me to exercise it and use it!