Jan 4, 2010


Hestia was a goddess of hearth and fire,  Greek script lacks capital letters to distinguish names from objects so Hestia meant literally the "hearth" the center of the home kitchen and the keeper of the flame. Hestia's consecrated hearth could be found in the center of each and every temple honoring one of the other many differing Greek gods and goddesses..as well as being found in each and every home in Greece. Hestia was the first-born of the Olympian goddesses and her power extended over altars, hearths,therefore all prayers and sacrifices began or ended with praying and sacrificing to Hestia. 

She was the guardian of the innermost things, placed her higher in importance than any other deity that was  honored at each celebration. Her sacrifices were sweet wine and food burned in the flames of the fireplace. From every cooked meal the household they laid a portion of that meal on the hearth or burned it in the flames as a sacrifice. Her sacrifices also were first fruits, water, oil, and year-old cows.

~Gems and stones: gold, silver, brass, garnet, amethyst

~Herbs: basil, bay, oregano, marjoram, mint, sage, spearmint, rosemary, thyme, savory, fennel, coriander, parsley, dill, anise, hyssop.

~Colors: lavender, gold, rose, silver, black

Although we may not celebrate her as the ancient Greeks once did, here are a few ways that we can honor and invite Hestia into our homes...Create an altar to Hestia in your kitchen or where ever you consider the "heart" of your home. Place a few items that correspond to Hestia in this area... a few dried herbs maybe a small statue with a few stones. Try lighting a white candle and invoke Hestia by asking her to keep the home fires burning and ask for her blessing and protection of your home and loved ones who dwell within.

Most of all, take care of yourself because if you honor yourself in this way, you can care for your loved ones and your home so much easier.



Rue said...

Great info! I love to think of Hestia/Vesta this time of year especially, as we all look to our hearth for warmth and our homes for shelter.

Lighting a candle now.....

Fire Lyte said...

I'm so glad you've highlighted one of my favorite Greek Goddesses. She's quite underrated - as no myths tell her tales as far as I can tell - but so very important to us all. Especially in times before central air and heat. She keeps our food cooked without burning; she keeps us warm on cold nights; she provides light.

Love it!