Jul 3, 2010

Logic Changes...Or Does It?

I've very much enjoyed my blog theme but lately I was thinking of sprucing it up a bit and updating the look and feel. I went perusing themes and boy, I perused a lot! I wasn't sure how you all feel about my current look, I've had it for a while
and I love the little witch but it seems a bit too whimsical at times. So, below I've put some links to the themes I like the best and I'd love it if you all gave me a bit of feedback as to which theme you like the best. Thank you ahead of time for your input!
Theme 1                         Theme 5

Theme 2                         Theme 6

Theme 3                         Theme 7

Theme 4                         Theme 8


Catherine said...

Hi Lizzie,

Well I like your blog, and your little witch but I also understand the need for change, I've done it often enough on my own blog!

I liked no 6 best for you as you could replace the butterfly with your little witch and have the best of both worlds :)

There is a wonderful lady on blogger called the Graphics Fairy and she makes custom backgrounds for blogger and is also on Twitter under the same name. Check her out before you decide as her work is gorgeous.



They're not full themes, but she gives tutorials on how to customize your blog, even giving you the buttons, the backgrounds etc. - gives you a little more creative input if you want it.

Have fun!

Wendilea said...

I like theme five as it is colorful with a hint of whimsical, but also logically symmetrical. I do enjoy your blog and would... any way you color it though.

Skye said...

I like numbers 2 and 5 best.

But whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be wonderful.


Fire Lyte said...

I like theme 3. It's simple and leaves the reader wanting to focus on your text, rather than the swirly backgrounds.