Jul 11, 2010

Serenity Sunday

Summer has finally hit this last week, the temps started out in the 80's and there was a few days of temperatures in the 90's but today it's comfortable and very sunny, which is
so welcome after the months of cool and rainy weather! My water lily is blooming the herbs are growing and we even saw a huge yellow and black butterfly and a couple huge dragonflies flitting around the pond. Summer has arrived and life is good! I'm making excellent progress with my Thoth studies and Catherine is mentoring me on linear spreads... I'm having a terrific time chatting and learning from her, I can only aspire to such greatness...Indeed life is good!

My List:

1.) My kids

2.) Great friends

3.) Mentors

4.) Gardening

5.) Iced tea

6.) Red licorice

7.) Picnicking

8.) Jazz

9.) Hot days

10.) Air conditioning!


Jacqueline said...

Pretty photo, lovely post, wonderful list=it made me feel good to hear you "sound" so happy!...Wishing you love and peace...and more happiness!

Sloan said...

Ah, well here In Texas, it's a lot of the usual sweltering heat and humidity... Lol. Anyways, i have a new blog now that i am starting. not a whole lot but if you wish to check it out occasionally: http://sloansargent.tumblr.com/