Jul 19, 2010

Morgan's Tarot Monday


"Originally, this card was the compassion card. It was changed by the moon goddess to add spice. Thus, what we see happening in the realm of manifestation is the realization that we are all connected. In a sense

, the universe is experiencing eternal bliss, and as our awareness increases, we participate in this ecstatic bliss within bliss."

"Always act with love and emotional maturity to attain infinite compassion for all sentient beings".
This is one of those important cards, right up with gratitude and thankfulness.  One way to feel good about oneself is to be compassionate towards others, what can you do to brighten someones day, put a smile on their face or just let them know that everyone has a bad day and you are there for them. It works on the trickle down theory really, show compassion to someone struggling and set an example of what being compassionate is all about and they will pass it on.

"How can I be passionate about showing some compassion today?"
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Fire Lyte said...

I'd totally get that, except there's this big sign that says 'Lust' in the card with all these cars packed in front of its doors.

What do you make of that?