Jul 13, 2010

Tarot Tuesday- The Rabbit Tarot (second edition)

This week I am reviewing The Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha VanderHoeven and sharing my observations with you. This little deck is absolutely charming! The first edition of The Rabbit Tarot had
black borders  but this edition has no borders and I must say,  I prefer the borderless aspect as it allows more of Nakisha's artistry to shine through. I have not seen a deck this cute in a while!
This is a  RWS styled, seventy eight card deck features a little Dutch Rabbit (the black and white bunny) and a little White Rabbit. The Majors have titles and roman numerals and all the Minor Arcana have roman numerals on each card. I love her creativity with the pips on this this deck, Daisies are Pentacles, Tulips are Cups, Carrots are Swords and Sticks are Wands. There is a  signed book and deck set that you can purchase that comes with extra goodies...I got a small Ta Rat, Star card (my birth card) with my deck and I have to say it is absolutely precious!

The card stock is perfect... not too thin, unlike many decks I have seen today and is of the thicker stock and wonderful to shuffle. The deck is a little smaller than what I expected, but fits into my hands just right so someone with small hands or a younger person would have no problem working with them. The Rabbit Tarot second edition has a matte finish and an ever so slight embossed feel to them, I felt the different texture right away and I must say it feels very nice to work with.

I noticed while looking through the cards, that all the Knights are riding goats and I just had to chuckle because it seemed so fitting for the little Rabbit Knights to do so! Nakisha's artistry is absolutely charming and I love the whimsical nature of the Rabbit Tarot! The usual LWB (little white book) does not come with this deck but can be downloaded (6 pages) from her website, this was done in order to save on printing costs but being a RWS themed deck the usual meanings are applicable

I was a bit concerned with the accuracy of the readings using this deck but as I shuffled and layed out a spread, I found that it reads just like any other RWS deck with no problems. The backs are reversible allowing for upright or reversed cards, and pictures the little White and Dutch Rabbit in black and white.
This would be the perfect deck for all ages and especially a good deck for younger readers to start off with.  I heartily urge you to drop by her website and give The Rabbit Tarot second edition a look, you definitely won't be disappointed!


Bonnie Cehovet said...

Liz -

Great review - and this is just such an adorable deck! BTW - I too prefer the borderless cards. :)


bluedogrose said...

Thank you for the lovely review, I am so glad you like the deck!

Heather Deirdre Awen said...

This is a great deck! It's so pretty!

Celestite said...

what a great deck, thanks for the review and the link.

Pietra said...

Such a nice deck... I had never known of it... I am glad I do now!