Jul 7, 2010

"What Is...?" Wednesday

The Tarot as Spirituality

Tarot cards are much more than just a form of divination, for instance they can be used in a variety of ways.... they can be used during meditations as gateways to
higher realms of consciousness and because of this, they are a useful starting point for the development of your intuition and psychic abilities. In the beginning you may only want to use the Tarot to help you to discover when your love life is going to improve or what steps you can take to ensure that job promotion but if you are serious about your spiritual life, it will soon become apparent that tarot cards can also be a valuable tool for personal growth and higher learning.

The Major Arcana cards of the Tarot are a wonderful series of archetypal images that are filled with spiritual symbolism. From these cards you can gain meaningful information about your spiritual progress. Even drawing one to three cards from the deck can give useful insight. For example, the card called The Fool tells you that spirituality doesn't have to be too serious. Lighten up, be adventurous, and have some fun to clear your energy centers. 

If The Hermit is drawn from the deck, he's telling you that spirituality is a personal journey. Don't feel as if you have to share this experience with others, for they can only find the right path when they are looking for it. Some are not ready to join you on this search, so allow those individuals to find their own way, in their own time. People can only truly learn through their own experiences.

These are both examples common to our experience as human beings and spiritual creatures. We all have common influences, working in sync with archetypal images, that are providing the "strangely accurate" nature of a tarot card reading and because we have shared the same human unconsciousness and are likely to share some of the same kinds of events in our history and in our visions of the future as well as our spirituality. 

In this day and time, so many people are struggling just to maintain on a day by day basis. Everyone seems to be in such a hurry. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all we need to. When so much time must be devoted to earning a living, it is easy to overlook our spiritual nourishment and growth.

So how do you see the Tarot in your life? Is it a vehicle to divination or do the roots reach deeper... into the spiritual realm? Just what do the archetypes represent in your day to day life and how do they apply to spirituality as a whole? I hope this post helps you to realize that the Tarot can enrich many parts of your life, not just a way to find out possible future events.

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