Jul 22, 2010

Plant Of The Week

Common names for the star jasmine: Scientific name is Trachelospermum Jasminoides, also known by the more common name of confederate jasmine. Star Jasmine is

an evergreen vine that energetically climbs up trees as much as 40 feet high. It hangs on with its roots to do this. In the early spring the plants are dark and light green mixed.

The lighter color is the color of the new growth. Then little white delicate flowers bloom, which are so pretty, and somewhat curly shaped similar to pinwheels. These flowers have a very delightful scent that you will enjoy as much as I have enjoyed mine.

Star jasmine has vines they entwine and wrap around together; these vines have a white liquid that oozes out if they are cut. The leaves have points on both their ends, are shaped oval, thick and shiny, and are about 2 inches in length. These vines love to climb walls, trees, fences, and other surfaces. There is also a dwarf variety that you can get too This is not actually a true jasmine but its scientific name Trachelospermum Jasminoides pays tribute to the true jasmine because of the scent this plant gives off that is similar to the true jasmine.

In spite of the name star jasmine it is not a Southern USA native plant variety. Did you know that this plant was first grown in China? It is a favorite to grow in the U.S. and European gardens where it has been grown for many years. Here in the U.S. it is hardy from zone 7b to 10.

Star jasmine can be grown in a variety of soils it can handle clay, acidic, sand, loam, and alkaline soil types. It can thrive in full sun to part shade as far as its lighting needs. So there are many places in the yard you can grow this. It is moderately drought tolerant after it is well established but likes moderate moisture. The plants need to be spaced from 36 to 60 inches apart. Also this is easy to propagate by using a hormone for rooting. This should be done in the spring of the year.

This jasmine is great for covering fences. Confederate jasmine can be used in hanging baskets too where the vines can just fall over the sides. It is great for climbing trees as we have already mentioned but be careful my friend not to make the tree top heavy. It is like ivy, as it will climb a wall that you may want to hide due to its unsightly appearance. Can be used as a groundcover if your space is large enough for it. You can keep it trimmed back for this so it does not get too tall. You can also have it in your house as a nice fragrant houseplant. Can you imagine waking up to the wonderful scent?
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faeryfay said...

I love jasmine. I have two varieties in my garden! The star jasmine has grown out of control! I adore the scent! Gorgeous flowers, said to be the flower of Moon Goddess Diana.