Jul 26, 2010

Morgan's Tarot Monday


"The palace in the center of Shambhala, or any other paradise, might seem to be far away because we are looking from the wrong dimension. Paradise could lie where the forces of the universe are balanced in contentment and harmony."

Where are you at...? Are you in a place that you find contentment wherever you happen to be or are you looking to external means for your balance and contentment? Often,

if we expect "things" to make us feel secure and happy, we will find ourselves still looking for that next "thing" to fill our needs. Looking within is our best option to truly find happiness balance and contentment and if we do not find it there then we must create that small still place, a place where we are okay with ourselves. Meditation, spending time in nature and gratitude journaling all help foster that contentment within ourselves.

"How can I be comfortable and balanced in my own skin no matter where I am?"

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