Jul 6, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

I'm going to  something a little different today, I was reading a fantastic post by Barbara Moore called "Notes To Yourself" in which she approaches an idea of leaving yourself a tarot note to on a specific day in the future. The idea is that you ask yourself "What do I most need to hear on..

and draw three cards. It sounded really fun so I gave it a shot. I have a little program on my computer that pops up with reminders that I set for certain things that I would usually forget had I not set my little reminder program, so this will work out very nice. I hate going too far ahead in tarot readings because too far out and accuracy suffers so I just set it for August first...here are my three cards:

The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of love, fertility and creativity. It inspires confidence and happiness.  Try to be  alert for signs that new spiritual forces are at work, reshaping the way you see things. This card is highly spiritual in nature, connecting with the psychic part of ourselves, and offering wisdom and teaching in many varying ways. 
Hold your consciousness of whatever you see as the High Force in life as clearly as you can, and let your spirit talk to you. This card is a sign of blessing.

 A blessing that assures us if we hold ourselves (our thoughts, feelings, body, etc) in a place of love there is no end to the beauty we may allow to flow into our lives. The ace of cups is a message for us to start at the place of love. Whatever our intent, need, desire, direction may be; if we initiate your action from the starting point of love and compassion then our result will be blessed.

The Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands is all about the Life force itself. This card sizzles with energy. You see, Wands represent will. Now, this will can be the Will of spirit, or the will of personal desire. It is what makes us do things. Wands are all about motivation, too, because they deal with our self-concept, our ambitions, and the ways in which we feel successful. 

So, when you see this ace--be aware that what is being talked about, ultimately, is an act of will. Now is the most favourable time to consider what possibilities lay ahead. A business venture may be undertaken now that builds a solid and secure future for you and your family. Take the initiative and move into new territory, for the old has little to offer, whereas the new is fresh and inspiring to you.

The Sun
A bright, glowing card, the Sun casts a favourable aura over a reading. This card suggests that if there have been any problems or difficulties in the past, then they're about to be resolved. There will be happiness where there has been sadness, harmony where there has been discord and optimism where there has been failure. The sun is the centre of the universe; the giver of life and of fire. 

Traditionally, the Sun’s Tarot meaning represents success and achievement. Often, the Sun relays messages of positive news such as births, financial successes, marriages, stability, completion of projects and an overall happiness. Because the Sun represents a new light, it alludes to the fact that one’s path may have endured dark periods. This is a time to rejoice and celebrate. A cycle in life has been completed. One may once again view the world from a new perspective.

Wow! It looks like the first part of August is going to herald some exciting new changes and ideas regarding creativity, spirituality and over all well being. I love those times I get those fiery creative urges so it will be interesting to see just what comes about next month. Although I'm a die hard skeptic, I'm also a very optimistic person by nature, after all, my birth card is the Star. I choose ( notice the words I choose) to see the positive in situations rather than harbor a defeatist mentality and these three cards seem to radiate both the positive and optimistic.  Maybe it's cheering me up  because I'm feeling a bit down and not so creative or spiritual that day? Time will tell. I had a lot of fun with this post and I hope you did too. Until we meet again next week.....

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