Jul 5, 2010

Morgan's Tarot Monday

The Path

"The path begins in the middle and stretches as fat as the eye can see, beyond the desert, into the mountains in the south-east. From there it joins Interstate 10 and leaves it again about a quarter of a mile beyond the third rest stop. 

For those of us who have lost their way, it is always possible to turn to the guidance of universal consciousness. In many traditions the heart symbolizes intuition of spiritual realities and the center of the cosmic soul."

It's easy to let our spirituality lag a bit with our busy schedules and list of "things to do" that never seem to end but how often do we think of putting our spirituality ahead of the "to do list" or places to go and people to see agenda? If we put it off too long it's very easy to feel bogged down and just plain heavy. Take some time today to reconnect with Divinity, set a few minutes aside before rushing off to that meeting or summer baseball game to just ground and center and find that small still place in our hearts.

How important is my spirituality on my "to do list?"

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Fire Lyte said...

Good advice! Love your posts!