Mar 20, 2010

Blessed Ostara!

Greet the first day of spring today by creating one or more Ostara wreaths and hanging them on doors, windows and walls. These are excellent presents for people to celebrate the joyous season when days grow longer, seeds are planted for future abundance and perennial plants begin to grow to fruition.

Items Needed for Ostara Wreath’s Foundation The base is a grapevine or willow branch wreath which can be bought at craft stores. Children can make a foundation by cutting one out of cardboard, oak tag or poster board and pasting pictures of spring flowers on the wreath.

Light green, representing abundance and fertility, is the traditional color of Ostara. The colors of spring are pink and pastel shades of blue, lavender and yellow. The flowers, tree and bushes are bluebells, crocuses, daffodils, dogwood, forsythia, hyacinths, irises, jonquils, lilacs, narcissus, tulips and violets. make wonderful decorations.

Crystals are all agates, aventurine, carnelian, crystal quartz, jade, jasper, lapis lazuli and rose quartz. In addition to the green leaves of plants, some people prefer to use only one other color of plants and crystals for the wreath while others like a variety of colors to reflect the season.

Although the calendar dictates Ostara is here, some in the northern regions may still experience wintry weather and, possibly, a blizzard. People are warm inside, safe from the elements. Light a fire in the hearth or turn the electric stove on and think about the warm days to come.

Potted crocuses, hyacinths and tulips decorate the room in preparation for the Solar Festival of Ostara, filling the room with their fragrances. Savor chocolate dipped strawberries, and eggnog. Eggs are symbolic of Ostara. Plan the Ostara celebration, including foods for the feast. Discuss what flora to plant when the time is right.

Decide where to hang the wreath, welcoming spring. Give others their gifts specially made for them and see the pleasure reflected in their expressions. Reflect on Ostaras past and the joy they brought. Think about the flowering trees and plants that will soon bear fruit and vegetables. Start to get ready for the Fire Festival’s celebration and the feast. Vernal Equinox is the First Day of Spring – Light and Dark are Equal.

Hello to my viewer in Waterford Ireland!


Eliza said...

Happy Ostara :-)

Eliza said...

Happy Ostara :-) Lovely post.

Moncha said...

Happy Ostara, what a beautiful wreath. Here in The Netherlands we celebrate with Ostara- Easter branches. You can see a picture on my blog ; )

clairedulalune said...

Have a wonderful joyful time Lizzie!