Mar 7, 2010

Serenity Sunday

Something very frightening was recently brought to my attention...there is/are pagans out there that are willing to speak publically that global warming is a myth. I cannot begin to express how this hurts my heart...The evidence is all around us yet there are individuals have jumped on the big business bandwagon and have chosen to denounce that Mother Earth could quite likely be in peril. I nearly wanted to hang my head in shame to hear someone "profess" to be pagan and so blatently turn a blind eye to Gaia.

We are all stewards of this big blue planet and we share the responsibility to care for it  because our very lives indeed depend upon it. Hiding our heads in the sand can only prove detrimental.
(there was originally a lot more to this post but I did not want to appear a raving lunatic)

                                             My List:

1.) My kids

2.) Recycling

3.) Great friends

4.) Truth

6.) Organic food

7.) Knowlege

8.) Stewardship

9.) Harmony

10.) Lime Jell-o


Stella Seaspirit said...

Dear Liz,
I am one of those Pagans and while I believe that global warming is a myth created by those "nasties" seeking world domination through spreading fear which allows for easier manipulation of the masses who are not "awake", it is not an effort to refute the fact that the Human race needs to change it's relations and attitude in dealing with our Home.

My belief is that the Earth has shifted on it's axis and this is the cause of the polar ice caps melting etc. It is not unusual for the Earth to do so every 2000 years or so. Finally some time last week even NASA announced that the Earth's axis has shifted and their reason was the Chile earthquake! Please... we may be free thinkers but we're not stupid. They just can't hide it anymore.

I can see how the angle of the Sun's rays have changed position by the places the rays enter my home. The study used to get Winter sun and now it gets Summer sun. I have spoken to other people about this observation (non-Pagan and Pagan alike) and they have confirmed that they found this anomaly in their homes too.

Bright Blessings,

Mama Feoneafey said...

I so agree with you . Unfortunately those who refuse to see past thier inflated egos, small minds and are therefor disconnected from the truth and plight of the living being we live on , sadly exist in all faiths. It's those who thrive so fully on chaos and madness that they will go out of thier way to take the falsely opposing side of any issue ,and milk it for all they can get out of it, or that do thier best to distract as many as they can from the truth that I feel the most contemptuous type of pity for. How, in this day, there are still some who can choose to deliberatly keep a blind eye about them is truely frustrating and beyond understanding. I pray these individuals find thier way and others don't lose thiers to this type of entity .. ( hope I don't sound like a ) .
Bright Blessings
Ma Fey

Fire Lyte said...

Umm... Chile's quake shortened the day - POSSIBLY - less than 2 microseconds. That's it, and it's not even proven yet, just posited. I personally know some wonderful people that work at NASA - who are, indeed, pagan - and they don't hide anything. They also don't think anybody is stupid.

Yes, the Earth's climate ebbs and flows over time, however, the problem here is the rate at which it has been occurring. The Earth, over the past 50-100 years, has begun to heat up by at least a factor of 4 degrees higher than it should be. 4 degrees, in comparison, could be seen as a dangerous fever. These temperatures are much more difficult for climates to adjust to.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, I think everyone can agree that we should still be practicing green living. Living a bit greener lowers our energy costs, our harmful waste, and keeps the planet healthy for our children's children. We should bear in mind the Native American belief of making decisions for 9 generations. How will what we do today effect our descendants 9 generations later?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Differences of opinion exist everywhere, even among Pagans.

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

I agree with much of what Stella said. That being said, I do believe that people help to intensify things and cause change to occur a bit more rapidly or drastically that it would on it's own accord... much in part to all our technological advance.

I do my part to help by recycling everything, planting, tending to my garden, sharing my simple ways to help the earth with whomever will listen. I train my children on how to treat Mother Earth in hopes that our future generation will do a bit better than some have in the past.

Every little bit helps even if Mother Nature has a way of evolving on her own.