Mar 25, 2010

Project Pagan Enough

I've had the Project Pagan Enough button on my page  for a little while now as some of you may have noticed...But I'd like to take this opportunity to stress just how important this project is. 

In the mainstream religions I often hear of the bickering and comparisons about which religion is the right one and which individual is a better model of what Christianity stands for. I watch my television and see all the good little parishioner's going to their respective churches every Sunday but exhibiting the most inexcusable behavior first thing from Monday morning  right up until Saturday night. Sometimes I snicker to myself as it almost seems like it's become a competition of sorts as who has the nicest Easter dress,  fanciest jewelry or dressiest Sunday suit.

In recent years I've heard petty squabbles and references to how other pagans dress, what is the correct coven to belong to and even who's concept of Deity is a better one and it's beginning to become a troubling issue as well.... C'mon folks, what kind of examples are WE setting? Does The Goddess/God/Deity really care if your jeans are ripped, you wear hippie skirts or you prefer to wear a ceremonial robe in the produce isle at Safeway on a Wednesday afternoon...?Is it really that important if you listen to Nine Inch Nails...Sinatra or Paganini? We need to unite our community and accept that we have differences because those differences are what make us special, part of the bigger picture.

I made the promise to accept all pagans and wiccans, for who they are, regardless of sexual orientation, dress, musical tastes, fluffiness factor or just plain oddness. I urge you to head over to Fire Lyte's Project Pagan Enough and make the promise too...Put the badge proudly on your webpage or blog...let's stand together.


MrsB said...

Well said! I personally HATE the term "fluffy bunny". I've been told several times that I'm not a "real" Pagan, because I didn't get initiated via a coven. Drives me nuts!

Mama Feoneafey said...

Exactly! You say it oh so well! I hear so many from all faiths say we need tolerances and understanding, but sadly those preaching it are usually among the first to display how NOT to accept that which is different from thier own path! Mrs. B said it well to .. and I ditto her "drives me nuts" sentiment.

Jacqueline said...

A great post, Liz; I agree there is too much judgement in organized religion and wish people could just be accepted for their character and the love in their hearts, not worrying about superficial labels that society puts on us.

Stella Seaspirit said...

I agree. Go Liz :-)

Firemage said...

I couldn't agree more!

We need to stop the standardisation of paganism now before it goes too far! If we don't we'll become a homogenised religion with just 2 or 3 'official' variants.

And yes I've also been told that "I'm doing things wrong"

I'm not doing it wrong, I'm just doing it differently to how you do it.

Why do people take difference as a criticism? Are they so insecure in what they do that they need to squash anyone who is different?

greekwitch said...

I am heading over right now.

Rue said...

This is such a great idea! We should be united, not picking each other apart!

Great post Lizzie!