Mar 2, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

Today I drew from my new deck, The Deviant Moon Tarot and the Nine of Swords came up. On this card we can see a rather distraught woman sitting up in their bed with a little imp-like creature gnawing on her shoulder. The Nine of Swords is usually interpreted as depression, nightmares, worry, hopelessness but in this deck I feel it implies more of an anxiety feeling.

I'm sure that everyone can identify with those dreams that we can have that are fraught with anxiety and worry (and that can sometimes wake us from a deep sleep) only to have their worries stick with us for quite some time. When I look at this card, I get the impression that her worry may not be well founded and the little imp creature is her nagging fears that may stem from a  "making mountains out of mole hills" mindset.  

This card  indicates the paralyzing nature of our fears and negative expectations. If we allow ourselves to be bound by fear of the future,  we may eventually create a negative reality for ourselves by virtue of our expectations. We must take a wider perspective of the circumstances and not let ourselves be overcome by the negative feelings we are experiencing. 


Jacqueline said...

I say this to myself concerning negativity all the time, so I think it's worth repeating...Happiness is a choice; we cannot control what happens in life, only how we choose to deal with it...I try to choose happiness everyday, but it's not always easy; fear can really deter you from your goals so it's important to face our fears, knowing we are strong enough to get passed them=not easy, but necessary.

Fire Lyte said...

What a wonderful and refreshing view of the 9 of Swords! In nearly every deck that I've seen, the figure in this card is alone with these swords hanging over their head. This figure is not. There is a rabid looking cat, an imp gnawing at the figure's shoulder in the same manner that the figure is gnawing, and all sorts of stark color imagery. I think you are spot on in your anxiety interpretation. Perhaps it should be noted that the figure appears to be sleeping in a grave - the headboard is a tombstone. Perhaps we bury ourselves in our anxieties?


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