Mar 30, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

My favorite card has always been The Moon card, whatever the deck but The Deviant Moon Tarot deck tops them all with Patrick Valenza's rendition of the Moon, with gossamer strings coming down from a full moon and it's two characters dancing on the end of them like marionettes.

Down through the millennia, people have always had a close affinity with the Moon. The lunar cycle affects oceans and all natural tides and if you've ever worked in a nursing home or home for the mentally ill, you can identify with this behavior, sometimes even starting a few days before the full moon occurs and a few afterward. 

Many say, from hospitals, 911 call centers to the local police stations, that people are more emotionally disturbed and active when the Moon is full, hence the origin of the word lunatic. The Moon can affect our emotions because our emotions, desires and dreams come from the inner, hidden part of us.

The Moon can be one of the most complex of tarot cards... it represents the inner depths of the psyche, the powers of intuition and illusion. It is a card which represents the subconscious and tells you that there is something which isn't as simple as it may look. Often, the Moon suggests that you dig deeper into an issue.

In a tarot reading, the Moon beckons us to make a decision. Do you want to rise into a higher consciousness or remain attached to illusion? Beware of inconsistencies in your life. Something is not what it appears to be. Perhaps now is the time to trust your intuition and feelings more than your logic in worldly matters.

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Fire Lyte said...

This moon card is so very different from traditional decks. The others have all this ancient symbology that I don't get. Dogs and wolves and crabs and rocks and such.

This card, though, I get.

I wish you could make a tarot deck out of all your favorite cards from the different decks.