Jun 4, 2009

Black Cats And Good Friends

I went and got another tattoo yesterday, a black cat with bright green eyes (of course) on my lower right calf. This one smarted a lot more than the other one on my lower back, probably because of standing on my feet in the hot, humid weather but I'll suck it up and walk it off....no pun intended. Because of the nature of new tattoo's... the picture I took does not look very good right now but it will heal in about a week

The guy who did my tattoo asked me why I wanted a black cat on my leg and I couldn't help but smile when I proudly informed him that it is my way to take my cat Binky with me wherever I go and besides, all witches need a black cat....duh! ( my idea of a funny.) I named my Binky in honor of my good friend Peggy's cat, now at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for her...along with Lilly and Cerise. ( blessed be their furry little souls)

Peggy was there when I first started my web cam for my cats and we've been good friends ever since...she even risked life and limb (or maybe just embarrassing questions, a stern lecture from the tour guide and really strange looks from the other's in her tour group ) in bringing back a stone and shell from Ireland for me. Now that's what I call a true friend!

I will wear my little black Binky with the green eyes proudly on my leg and gladly share my love of my spiritual path, my cats and very dear friends with anyone who asks.... "Why?" It reminds me that we are all connected in this crazy world and each and every one of us has a great story to tell.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Binky's adorable! Please post another picture once you're all healed up so we can see the final result!