Jun 20, 2009

Father's Day

A few years after my father died, my mom met and eventually married the most wonderful man. He was always loving and kind to me as I was growing, even through those tumultous teenage years when I treated him without the respect that he deserved. He had four other children that came to visit on occasion so I had the brother's and sisters I always dreamed of having.

My mother and I had a falling out several years ago and I stayed away and did not keep in contact with my stepdad as I should have....I remember fondly now.... the time he invested in me...taking me fishing; going to the father/daughter dinner dance in highschool and the timeless advice often needed during the rough times.

So I write this in tribute of my step father Tom...I never told you often enough how much I thought of you and valued your presence in my life...You were the greatest blessing in my life and I want to let you know how much I love you.

Happy Father's Day!


clairedulalune said...

Hello Liz, that was a very honest and touching tribute. Always remember the fond memories and the timeless advice. Hope you are well!

His Precious said...

It's wonderful that you took the time to do this. It was very heartfelt and sweet.

Bless'd Midsummer to you!