Jun 23, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

Today I drew a card from my Robin Wood deck and the Queen of Wands showed her sunny energetic face to me. I'd been feeling a little sluggish lately and was encouraged to see this queen come up as my Tuesday draw.

In this card, we can see a vibrant, blond woman in a bright orange and yellow gown...in her right hand she holds a golden scepter with a dazzling white crystal at the top. The landscape reminds me of an arid desert area with sunflowers on each side and next to the Queen of Wands is a stretching black cat at the hem of her gown.

This scene brings to mind a radiance and energy flowing outward and fills me with a sense of purpose almost as if to say "Get up and get moving, there are wonderful things in store and the day is wasting."

Although she's never arrogant or full of herself, the Queen of Wands has a deep belief in her own abilities. Her vibrant self-assurance comes from the knowledge that she can do whatever she sets her mind to. This tells me that those times I may lack self confidence, she will be there to cheer me on.

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