Jun 9, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

This week I'm using my Faeries Oracle deck by Brian Froud for my draw and up came Arval Parrot. Arval as you can notice is pointing at a bright spot on his throat area with a deep look of compassion and guidance upon his face. You might guess with this description that Arval is all about communication. Not just direct communication that we engage in on a daily basis but communication on deeper more indirect ways.

In the companion book by Jessica Macbeth, she writes "....through words of course but also they speak through the rustle of leaves, the pattern of clouds in the sky, the way flower petals fall." Sometimes in our dreams we can receive subtle communications and maybe even in body language. We should pay attention to unspoken feelings as well, the ones that we make perceive as "gut impressions" all these forms of communication speaks to us if we simply remain alert but still in order to listen and take notice....

"Clear communications are vitally important here. Strive for verbal brilliance. Listen carefully. Be articulate. Be willing to calmly debate the issues and explore ideas with others. Open communication will enhance the chances of success all around. Arval also suggests that the querent watch for body language, incomplete sentences and unfinished thoughts and try to discover what these signals are meant to get across."

Is there someone in your life that may be trying to communicate their needs, ideas or issues with you but may be too timid to approach you or does not know how to begin? Have you made time to be still enough to catch subtle meanings in everyday events? Are you calm and compassionate when communicating to others? Who can you communicate a kind word or comforting gesture to today!

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