Jun 30, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

The Seven of Cups is all about choices, opportunities and dreams, some are rather fanciful and others are more realistic and grounded. In the Seven of Cups, we see that each cup contains something different....Rainbow = hope; Dove = love; Vine = plenty; Coins= prosperity; Fire =safety; Stars = dreams; Light -=truth. This card shows us that there is an abundance of choices that we can ponder and when making decisions we must take into account how each choice will either hinder or benefit.

When visualizing these objects in the cups we can also find inspiration in them....we can become inspired to write poetry...follow a long thought of dream we have never lost site of...but if they become distractions and take us from the path we are on we must stop and decide if that is the wisest thing to do, a warning perhaps that our heads may be in the clouds a little too much and a good dose of reality is needed.

As with everything in life, we can fall into the trap of "If a little is good then a lot is even better" and that leads us to shocking catastrophe as we have seen in the Tower when our little worlds come crashing down upon our ears. Moderation is always in our best interests whether it be wise or daydream-like decisions and choices

The Gilded Tarot
Ciro Marchetti

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