Jun 17, 2009

Last Day

Well, today is the end of the school year and there are four very ecstatic kids in my house. Rest assured there will be boredom afoot in just a week (we're taking bets to see just how long.) I remember those days...I could hardly wait until summer vacation and the by the middle of summer there was positively, absolutely nothing to be done...or so I thought. Looking back I find myself thinking..."If only..."

Summer fun idea: Tie dye T-shirts

Items Needed

Tie dye ( I like to use RIT brand, it seems to hold color a bit better)

* T-shirts... or anything that might be of interest dying

* Large metal pot because the dye does stain wood and plastic

* Water



* Rubber bands

What To Do :

1. Take the clothing to be tie dyed and twist it up and tightly wrap the rubber band around it.

2. Do this in numerous spots all over the article so that circles will turn up everywhere you want.

3. Boil some water in a large pot and when boiling tip dye in . Add article and stir for around 30 minutes on high.

4. When finished... remove with with tongs and run under cold water to make sure all extra dye runs out.

5. Dry and take off rubber bands... iron and your piece is ready to use.

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