Jun 16, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

The Fool (numbered zero in most decks) is a card that somewhat resembles the court jester in medieval times because of his qualities of spontaneity and even a little folly. I look at this card as a beginning, starting out fresh with exuberance in the journey or adventure ahead and slightly naive (which is not always a bad thing but we must always be aware of that which is around us in order to avoid possible disasters headed our way.)

The image of the Fool can vary from deck to deck but is typically seen as a traveler carrying a small pack on a stick starting on his way to the new beginning that awaits him in his future. With no clear idea of where exactly he is headed or why, he is unaware of the fact that there is a cliff directly ahead of him. With him on his journey is also a small dog at his heels and often appears to be barking or trying to get the Fool's attention. One might surmise the dog is attempting to warn the Fool of danger ahead.

When interpreting the Fool, look at the surrounding cards that might give a clue as to whether the Fool in the reading is a warning or omen of good things to come. One of the cards that indicate there may be a warning to be heeded is the Hierophant...meaning you may be restrained by routine and convention...which may find you bored, unfulfilled and unhappy. A more positive card like the Judgement card can indicate new starts and rebirth that can lead you to expect a more positive adventure and beginning that may fill you with a sense of giddy expectation.

The Lo Scarabeo Tarot

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