Jun 29, 2009

Hauntings And Ghosts And Spirits...Oh My!


1.)Your calendar of events has more ghost hunting dates than birthdays and anniversaries.

2.)You have a closet dedicated to ghost hunting equipment

3.)Your computer is book marked with ghost hunt equipment stores and e-bay favorites for ghost equipment

4.)Your address book contains a notation of G.H. or a complete section of ghost hunters

5.)You have at least ten videotapes of ghost investigations.

6.)You have at least two digital cameras and an assortment of tape recorders.

7.)Your idea of a great night out is not dinner but a cemetery at midnight.

8.)You have more ghost and orb pictures than you have pictures of your friends and relatives.

9.)You take more pictures in the dark than in the daylight

10.)Midnight is your favorite hour

But seriously folks....What exactly is a ghost...? Where do they come from..? How does this widely reported phenomenon occur exactly? These questions have been residing in our psyche almost since the dawn of time. Yesterday, I wrote about Summerland....a beautiful place that our energy or soul, as some call it, goes after our bodies die. What we do there... what we experience while there... no one really knows but I have a theory about what happens in the strange and unusual cases of reported ghosts and hauntings.

It is my belief that after passing...our energy... spirit or soul (however you wish to call it) goes on to a higher plane, either that of a higher vibration or state of being and we become part of the collective consciousness, Akashik Record (or Universal Mind as I refer to it)... it is a vast repository of all that has ever been thought or said. But what if one were to leave this world that we exist in now in a violent or emotionally distraught state? Do they go into this Universal Mind or does part of their energy remain behind as place memories, greed or of a life not lived?

I firmly believe that sometimes those who are not satisfied in this world, who are greedy and want more life do stick around and can be rather disturbing and rude pockets of negative energy. I think that those who maybe are not aware that they are no longer alive continue to exist in a state of confusion and maybe even a dreamlike state...wandering; searching, not quite aware of what has happened. Then sometimes, I think that there are those memories of those who were so attached to an object or person leave traces of themselves behind and become what are called residual hauntings.

I have seen what most ghost enthusiasts call "Shadow People" and often caught myself scoffing at the idea that that was a real occurrence....but after starting to step from the bathroom and into the hallway, catching myself and stepping back because something was headed down the hall towards me on a collision course (had I stepped fully into the hall) and realizing it wasn't one of my children because they generally don't vanish in front of my eyes, I swiftly and shakily reevaluated my position and was not quite as taken by surprise the next few times.

I do not claim to know all the answers, these things I have blogged about today are simply theories that my rational yet spiritual mind tells me. I'm not sure what will happen to me after my body dies but I do know there is something out there beyond what our human minds can comprehend, there is so much more than our senses can tell us while we are in this state of being. Maybe one day after I pass on, I will write from the great unknown in a tell all book.


His Precious said...

My favorite TV shows are Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. I even sit through the reruns! I think it's facinating anyway you look at it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Who ya gonna call?